NaPoWriMo Day 11: Tired and Worn

I’m having one of those days where this is one of the last things I do in the day, where I am tired and this is not something I want to think about or talk about the subject I’ve picked (the environment). Instead of writing another haiku which I often do when short on time (although I swear sometimes I put more thought and effort into them than some other poems), I decided to share the frustrated feeling I am having when it feels like I can’t find inspiration. Yet there is inspiration everywhere I look. I wrote this very quickly, but I still like it and think it’s worthy of sharing for today’s entry. 

Tired and Worn

Lacking inspiration

When there is too much

To draw from

When everywhere you turn,

Everything you see,

Reminds you

Of what is happening

To our planet

At our expense

NaPoWriMo Day 6:

I’ve been on a big kick about complaining about plastic waste and pollution of the oceans lately in my poetry. For me it’s one of the most disturbing environmental trends because it’s so easily preventable and has such a profound effect.These poems may sound a bit like a broken record. I wanted to write one more about the whales I keep seeing talked about on facebook and the internet news sites. — this is just one of many reports. It’s so upsetting because whales are facing enough problems in the ocean, and this is so easily preventable. It’s simple–do your part to be mindful of the waste you create, and don’t allow it to be dumped into the ocean!

I think tomorrow I’ll try to write about another topic…

It’s our fault

Dead whales wash ashore

People rush to solve the mystery

Opening its stomach

Inside lays a heap of plastic garbage and such

Gulped up

Too big to pass through

Polyethylene terephthalate

Is not a nutrient


It IS our fault

But it WAS preventable

We are complacent

But we can take action

We need to


The Earth

Becomes a graveyard


Day 3-NaPoWriMo: “Good” Growth

“Good” Growth

Inspired by the book Cradle to Cradle by William McDonough and Michael Braungart


A seed falls to the ground

A seedling pops up out of the earth

A leaf accents the seedling

The roots grow into the ground

The tree grows taller and taller

Its branches provide shade

A seed falls from great heights

And so it forms another tree

The cycle continues


A fetus forms in a mother’s womb

A child is born

They get all they need from their mother’s breast

The child begins to learn

They become an adult, living their lives

Eventually they die

Family gathers and shares the good they brought to their lives

Then they become one with the soil


An industry is created

Toxic chemicals are made in a lab

To be used in products made in factories

Marketed and sold

“You need this,” they say

Where will it go when you no longer want it?

It never gets old or decays, it never rots away

The life of the product is permanent forever


The industry continues on

We continue to buy, buy, buy

Life is becoming so fast

We forget how to slow down

The world is densely populated

The goal is to “develop” the poor

Yet we just make them tied to the capital machine

At what cost?


Do with less

Make more with more

Slow down!

What if industry

Was like the tree or the child?

Regenerating, invigorating, empowering

Giving back

Doing no harm





Day 2-NaPoWriMo

Live with Less

Consume, Consume

Buy, Buy

What do we do with all this stuff when we die?


I want, I want

I need, I need

In the Lorax these things are called “sneeds”


Excess, Excess

Waste, Waste

Containers for everything, from shampoo to toothpaste


Piles of crap


We need to start to care


Less is more

Make your legacy greater than your pile of rubble

Leave the earth a better place, with less trouble



NaPoWriMo-30 days, 30 poems. Day 1

Well, I have decided to participate in this. So, I’m going to write 30 poems in 30 days and post them here daily. This site feels like a fitting place for me to share them on. Here is more information on it!

And here is my first poem:

trash heap

Child From 2050

The shores are filthy

Covered in trash

We play in plastic sand


The ocean is acid

Dead and devoid

We swim in sterile pools


The forest is barren

Silent and still

We gasp for air


The mountains are snowless

Ashy and gray

We do not know any better


This could be the future if you let it be

Despair and destruction

We need your help now





Nature Field Trip #2 Saturday February 27

Nature Field Trip #2 Saturday February 27

On Saturday, February 27th, I planned to go to a Yoga for Athletes workshop by a vegan couple called Yogi Triathlete. Since it was a bit out of the way from where I live, I decided to go exploring in that area. I don’t know North Kingstown, Rhode Island well at all, so I googled some stuff and decided upon a nature trail I could explore that was convenient to the yoga studio. I arrived at Wilson Park, and at first was a bit nervous because it didn’t seem very natural at all. It had a grassy field, lots of parking lots, a softball field, playground equipment, etc. I gave it the benefit of the doubt though, and after I parked, started walking to the wooded area visible to my eyes.

This led to a bike path, which led to a path through the woods. I saw another path through brush and vines and started following it, but it became too thick and I wasn’t sure where it’d even lead to. I kept getting stuck in thorny vines too and it wasn’t pleasant.

I turned back…and followed the paved path for a bit. It looked like this:


Eventually I found another path, which took me here:


I stood here for awhile, taking it all in. It was windy and I could hear birds and the rustling of the grass and trees. There were also wind chimes and other human-caused noises I could hear. It’s not pictured but I could see several buildings and boats from where I was standing if I turned around a bit.

After awhile of being there, I went back out to the path and eventually came to a place where there was another big parking lot. It led to the shore and quite nice:

I explored a bit more, there were some boats turned over and a boat filled with ice that I saw. The only other people there were a father and his boys exploring as well.

After staying for a few minutes, I turned around and took the walk through the path back to my car. I was a little fearful I would forget the path I took like I did with my last field trip, but I was paying more attention this time.

I only documented one blatant piece of litter…


Overall, this area seemed pretty well kept. I even saw this sign by the water:


There weren’t many people here, but I became a little nervous that I was so far away from my car and all alone. I started wishing  I was at least with a dog like most of the other people I encountered, if not another human. In fact, I let myself daydream a bit too much about one day having a dog. But, I tried to calm myself and enjoy the nature. Maybe I had difficulty with being present because it wasn’t as beautiful and interesting as my first field trip and I was sort of disappointed. I certainly got plenty of time to be mindful in the yoga class later on that day though!


Nature field trip #1

Nature field trip #1

Hey! So I just revamped this blog that used to be about my thoughts I had while running. I decided to turn this into something less specific with a focus on sharing my own journey to caring for myself in the hopes that people can relate to it.

I got this idea, partly because I wasn’t keeping up with the blog because I can’t run right now due to an injury, and partly because I am a new graduate student studying humane education…and self care is what I found myself surprisingly needing to focus on first to do well and be a productive student. I am also always thinking about how I can teach others about self care, but I realized I need to take my own advice.

In one of my classes, environmental ethics, one of the assignments is perfect for self care. It’s to find a place in nature and to be mindful of the surroundings and to pay attention to it all. I am unsure if taking pictures can be part of this, but I feel like without pictures I am unable to remember what it was like as well. You will see these shortly.

This first trip was taken at the Claire D. McIntosh wildlife refuge and Jacobs Salt Marsh, in Bristol, Rhode Island and Warren, Rhode Island respectively. They are a short walk on a path a way from each other, and right near the border of the two towns.

I started at the wildlife refuge.

wildlife refuge

I went down the path, over a pond (there’s a wooden structure that passes over it) that was still partially frozen but also had bulbs opening up.

pond with bulbs opening

I stopped on the path and looked around and listened. I realized I was hearing some ducks. So, I went around the corner to see a large group of Mallard ducks.


Then I started walking to the bike path, heading over to the salt marsh area. I took note of this sign.

jacobs point salt marsh restoration

Then I slowly walked down the path I had taken in the past through the salt marsh and over to the rocky, sandy coastal beach area.

I was met by a bunch of different birds. There were various gulls, ducks, and a single swan.

ducks swimming


The swan was hard to capture without it’s head in the water.

I walked across the shoreline, trying to observe what I was seeing. I became mindful of the material we are learning about plastic litter and trash in the oceans, and started to look for evidence of it here. I took photos of it. I wanted to take it with me and throw it out elsewhere, but there was a little too much and I didn’t have anything to put it in. I also don’t know what the rules are if any about cleaning up the area.

I sat on a rock for a bit right by the shore and watched the tide come in and out in front of me. It was quite relaxing and I tried to breathe in sync with it.

I slowly tried to make my way back to the path that brought me to this secluded area (it was just me and the birds) but I kept walking past the entrance to the path. I started to panic a bit because I was getting a little tired of going back and forth and still couldn’t find it! I guess I hadn’t been aware of my surroundings as much as I could have. I eventually found it and walked back to the bike path where I followed it to make one last destination.

Across from the wildlife refuge entrance, there is a boardwalk that goes into the middle of the marsh grass that grows all around it. I was admiring the grass, but then I realized I don’t even know the name of the species it is! If anyone knows, please comment. I tried googling it but had some difficulty identifying it. Here is a picture of what I mean:

grass stuff

I walked to the end of the boardwalk, that shows off a view of the ocean. It’s supposed to be impressive, but it didn’t compare to views I had when I was directly on the shore. I didn’t bother to take a picture there…I thought the houses and boats you could see in the water would tarnish the beauty of it.

On the walk back towards my car, someone past me and said “it doesn’t feel like it’s 50 degrees yet!” I laughed and said no, except to myself I was thinking I was so happy it was warmer out and that it had to be at least 50 degrees. I checked the temperature, and it was 52. The cool ocean breeze must’ve confused the other person.

When I got back to my car, I felt really warm. I had been walking a lot. In fact, when I checked my Fitbit I had stepped 8,000 steps. Considering I’m lucky if I get 10,000 steps by the end of the day, and this was before 1pm, it was a lot! But it felt so good. The salty air was so refreshing and I didn’t notice how stifling and stuffy being indoors felt for a little bit.

The assignment was to spend at least a half hour in nature. I told myself in the beginning that I would keep the first one short and to the point, but I got a bit carried away and spent over an hour there.

I had also never been here by myself. I had always gone with someone else. It was nice to be by myself and go at my own pace and only have myself as my company and internal conversation partner.

I think I’ll go back again soon, especially with spring on it’s way!