NaPoWriMo Day 21: Change

As I said yesterday, I have been thinking about the transformative nature of collective change in terms of the environment and any other social justice movement. Well, today on the blog for my graduate program, the founder of the program, Zoe Weil made an excellent post about this very topic. Check it out here

I wrote a poem in response to the blog and also the Ted Talk posted in the blog (which you can see here).


Unconscious behaviors

Compounded collectively

Create an unaware population

That becomes apathetic

The individual

Is unable to see

Their smaller role

In a big problem

Take responsibility for your choices

Live with integrity

Model your values

And embrace goodness

It may be difficult

To change bad habits

But it is worthy

Of our effort

Conscious behaviors

Compounded collectively

Create an aware population

That changes for the better

NaPoWriMo Day 20: Your Attitude

I’m stuck trying to write a poem about how being a mentor for someone to change their habits, actions, or ideas that effect the earth, their health, or another area of social justice can have a ripple effect. I can’t seem to come up with the right words and it keeps morphing into a different kind of poem. Here’s what I have today after pondering the subject. It’s not the message I originally set out to send.

Your Attitude

Your positive

Non judgmental

Meet-you-where you’re at


Can be more effective

Than a negative




The way you react

And treat another

When they are

“Not there yet”

Can make

An impact

On their ability

To make new choices

To help the planet