NaPoWriMo Day 23: Rights




Dirty air

We have to breathe




We have to drink



Heaps of trash

We have to be clean

Chemical pesticides

Super bugs

Heavy metals

We have to eat

When the environment is treated with disrespect

We can not fulfill our basic needs

Environmental rights

Are human rights

NaPoWriMo Day 18: Catastrophe

This poem is somewhat inspired by Elizabeth Kolbert’s book, Field Notes from a Catastrophe.


Climate stability led us to thrive

In a world that was once volatile and unfriendly

Our species was thriving, striving, always wanting more

Advancing to the point where

We are wreaking havoc on the planet

The emissions of our technological empire

Keep the temperatures rising steadily

Into climate chaos

Climate instability is may cause our demise


NaPoWriMo Day 11: Tired and Worn

I’m having one of those days where this is one of the last things I do in the day, where I am tired and this is not something I want to think about or talk about the subject I’ve picked (the environment). Instead of writing another haiku which I often do when short on time (although I swear sometimes I put more thought and effort into them than some other poems), I decided to share the frustrated feeling I am having when it feels like I can’t find inspiration. Yet there is inspiration everywhere I look. I wrote this very quickly, but I still like it and think it’s worthy of sharing for today’s entry. 

Tired and Worn

Lacking inspiration

When there is too much

To draw from

When everywhere you turn,

Everything you see,

Reminds you

Of what is happening

To our planet

At our expense

NaPoWriMo Day 10: Piranhas

Okay, so this poem (that for awhile was a loose idea for a song) is about the destruction of the rainforest and a certain occasionally vicious creature (towards humans) that lives there that gets revenge. I think piranhas are often feared and also misunderstood, so this is my way of giving them a valid reason to be angry. It is rather dark, but I wanted a way to express the complex problems that come along with the destruction of the Amazon rainforest through a different perspective. Piranhas are just one of many species in danger in this area of the world. I also wanted to represent the true cost of globalization and corporations that exploit this area of the world for resources who do not belong there.



You chop down the trees

At the basin of the river

Where we swim

You’re invading our space

It’s not your place

You pollute and poison

Water that was once fresh and clean

This is our home

You’re invading our space

It’s not your place

We are slowly suffocating

From a lack of oxygen

Our anger is long brewing

You’re invading our space

It’s not your place

You will regret

Taking what is not yours to keep

We will seek revenge

You messed with the wrong river!

When we snap our teeth

You better not breathe…

You messed with us…

When we crunch our jaws

You better leave…








NaPoWriMo Day 6:

I’ve been on a big kick about complaining about plastic waste and pollution of the oceans lately in my poetry. For me it’s one of the most disturbing environmental trends because it’s so easily preventable and has such a profound effect.These poems may sound a bit like a broken record. I wanted to write one more about the whales I keep seeing talked about on facebook and the internet news sites. — this is just one of many reports. It’s so upsetting because whales are facing enough problems in the ocean, and this is so easily preventable. It’s simple–do your part to be mindful of the waste you create, and don’t allow it to be dumped into the ocean!

I think tomorrow I’ll try to write about another topic…

It’s our fault

Dead whales wash ashore

People rush to solve the mystery

Opening its stomach

Inside lays a heap of plastic garbage and such

Gulped up

Too big to pass through

Polyethylene terephthalate

Is not a nutrient


It IS our fault

But it WAS preventable

We are complacent

But we can take action

We need to


The Earth

Becomes a graveyard


Day 2-NaPoWriMo

Live with Less

Consume, Consume

Buy, Buy

What do we do with all this stuff when we die?


I want, I want

I need, I need

In the Lorax these things are called “sneeds”


Excess, Excess

Waste, Waste

Containers for everything, from shampoo to toothpaste


Piles of crap


We need to start to care


Less is more

Make your legacy greater than your pile of rubble

Leave the earth a better place, with less trouble



NaPoWriMo-30 days, 30 poems. Day 1

Well, I have decided to participate in this. So, I’m going to write 30 poems in 30 days and post them here daily. This site feels like a fitting place for me to share them on. Here is more information on it!

And here is my first poem:

trash heap

Child From 2050

The shores are filthy

Covered in trash

We play in plastic sand


The ocean is acid

Dead and devoid

We swim in sterile pools


The forest is barren

Silent and still

We gasp for air


The mountains are snowless

Ashy and gray

We do not know any better


This could be the future if you let it be

Despair and destruction

We need your help now