A Light in the dark


So, I am starting a little handmade candle company. I’ve decided to make some little affirmation cards to go with each candle based on their themes. People can read them or meditate on them as they light the candle. One big theme is finding light in the winter. Here are a few that I have written up so far:


In the winter when it is hard to find the light I crave, I will make my own light. I will do what nourishes me and keep the fire inside me going. I will remember that I am not alone in the world.


The winter is cold, snowy, and dark. But I will make my own light. I will take care of myself even when it seems hard. I will have gratitude for the light in my life that I am able to find and soak it up.


I am not alone in this winter, this darkness. Others before me, and in the present, struggle as I do. I must remember to take good care of myself. Be patient. It is okay for me to practice being still, quiet, and be well rested.


Like a bear in the winter, I need to take this time to hibernate. Rest is important. I will practice taking care of myself without a feeling of guilt so that I may awaken feeling bright and new; ready to take on my challenges.


This winter I will reflect on the light I receive from the world and do my part to share that light with the community.

Check out the facebook page for the company, at Queen Of Quirky Candles. And you can also find me on Instagram, which has been tons of fun to find inspiring images to build up my presence on social media as I launch this new adventure @queenofquirkycandles.


NaPoWriMo Day 25: Stream of Conscious

Hi! Yesterday in my environmental ethics course, we had to give presentations for our course capstone via video conference. One of my classmates shared some really inspiring poetry and she had us write stream of conscious poetry for 3 minutes and then share what we wrote on the topic of being a source of light (or something to that effect, I’m forgetting now). Today I decided to do the same thing, instead with the topic of “Environment.” To my surprise this actually brought up some further thoughts about lightness (and darkness). Here is what I came up with:


(Stream of conscious poetry)

The earth


We have to protect it

Turning round and round

Changing every day

Global warming

Climate change

Oceans boiling

Air temperatures rising

CO2 emissions


Animals are dying out

Will we?

Why do humans think

We’re in control

We are not perfect

Just because we’re intelligent

It does not mean we have all the answers

We are in the darkness sometimes

Feeling around in it

Can we find the light?

What if we can’t?