NaPoWriMo Day 10: Piranhas

Okay, so this poem (that for awhile was a loose idea for a song) is about the destruction of the rainforest and a certain occasionally vicious creature (towards humans) that lives there that gets revenge. I think piranhas are often feared and also misunderstood, so this is my way of giving them a valid reason to be angry. It is rather dark, but I wanted a way to express the complex problems that come along with the destruction of the Amazon rainforest through a different perspective. Piranhas are just one of many species in danger in this area of the world. I also wanted to represent the true cost of globalization and corporations that exploit this area of the world for resources who do not belong there.



You chop down the trees

At the basin of the river

Where we swim

You’re invading our space

It’s not your place

You pollute and poison

Water that was once fresh and clean

This is our home

You’re invading our space

It’s not your place

We are slowly suffocating

From a lack of oxygen

Our anger is long brewing

You’re invading our space

It’s not your place

You will regret

Taking what is not yours to keep

We will seek revenge

You messed with the wrong river!

When we snap our teeth

You better not breathe…

You messed with us…

When we crunch our jaws

You better leave…