NaPoWriMo day 15! Half way point: Thunder and Lightning

Before I did this challenge, it had been ages since I regularly wrote poems to express myself. I gave up calling myself a writer in my first year of college back in 2004. I wanted to write poems and other stuff every day. But when I shared my writing, people would tell me my poems that followed a particular form were done wrong, or just said really mean things because they could. So in my immaturity at the time, I gave up! I’m really glad I’m doing this now though. I am hesitant to write any kind of stylized poem except a haiku, possibly because of the past, but also because I like to make my own rules or lack thereof. I’ve been having a lot of fun doing these and it’s a helpful and a nice way to think about the subject I’m exploring/studying through the poems.

I think after this is over I won’t limit myself as much to my poem subject matter and write on my own. I’ll share the ones I think are really good here still…but less frequently so I have room to write other things. 🙂 

Today I want to write a poem in honor of my uncle, who died when I was five years old. He was studying environmental science and taught my family about recycling before it was widely practiced. He also taught us to cut up plastic items that could strangle wildlife, and various other environmentally friendly concepts. He inspires me to continue on this path of educating others about the environment, animal protection, human rights, and all the intersections of social justice.

I think I might write several poems about him in the next few days or so. 



Thunder and Lightning

The thunder boomed

The lightning flashed

I cowered in fear, crying

You took me under your wing

I was safe

As we sat on the step outside

Watching the sky

My fear was replaced

With awe and respect

And every time the sky rumbles and flashes

I think of you


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