Day 3-NaPoWriMo: “Good” Growth

“Good” Growth

Inspired by the book Cradle to Cradle by William McDonough and Michael Braungart


A seed falls to the ground

A seedling pops up out of the earth

A leaf accents the seedling

The roots grow into the ground

The tree grows taller and taller

Its branches provide shade

A seed falls from great heights

And so it forms another tree

The cycle continues


A fetus forms in a mother’s womb

A child is born

They get all they need from their mother’s breast

The child begins to learn

They become an adult, living their lives

Eventually they die

Family gathers and shares the good they brought to their lives

Then they become one with the soil


An industry is created

Toxic chemicals are made in a lab

To be used in products made in factories

Marketed and sold

“You need this,” they say

Where will it go when you no longer want it?

It never gets old or decays, it never rots away

The life of the product is permanent forever


The industry continues on

We continue to buy, buy, buy

Life is becoming so fast

We forget how to slow down

The world is densely populated

The goal is to “develop” the poor

Yet we just make them tied to the capital machine

At what cost?


Do with less

Make more with more

Slow down!

What if industry

Was like the tree or the child?

Regenerating, invigorating, empowering

Giving back

Doing no harm






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